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Domestic hot water supervision

Turnkey, ready-to-use solution

LoRa connectivity
PLATFORMS ECS supervision
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Connect your boiler rooms, measure temperatures and monitor your domestic hot water!

Our starter kit provides you with an “all-inclusive” package solution, including the right sensor for your application, the right connectivity, as well as object and connectivity management and data management platforms. The objective is to offer you a turnkey solution, easy to set up and at low cost.

Bundle -ECS supervision

1390€ for launch in first year *

205€/year recurring in subsequent years **

* sensor acquisition + set-up costs + platform and connectivity subscription
** platform subscription and connectivity

Advantages of the hot water starter kit

Domestic hot water comfort


Improve the comfort and well-being of building users by monitoring changes.

Bacteria Legionellosis


Thanks to two-point temperature measurement, you can limit the risk of legionella development.



Benefit from an alerting system that notifies you in the event of temperature loss.

SoDATA#Viz suivi en temps réel

Real-time temperature monitoring

Benefit from a dashboard dedicated to real-time supervision and customize widgets to suit your needs:

  • Dynamic map with entry and exit temperatures
  • Numerical indicators with configurable color codes
  • Gauge with minimum and maximum thresholds

Alert settings

Benefit from a multi-level alerting system and be notified in the event of an abnormal situation:

  • Legionella alert
  • Low sensor battery
  • Hardware error alert
SoDATA#Viz alertes
SoDATA#Viz historique des données

Data history

Benefit from a dashboard dedicated to historical data:

  • Temperature trend in relation to the set threshold
  • Maximum temperatures
  • Average temperatures
  • Minimum temperatures

Hot water supervision, as seen by our customers

“In addition to the energy-saving plan, we’re also considering the deployment of sensors in community halls and other public areas to improve energy efficiency. It’s by measuring that we’re able to optimize!”

Lionel Rouge, Deputy Mayor, Sauve Town Hall


Focus on the Adeunis Temp 2S sensor

Adeunis TEMP 2S

The Temp 2S sensor enables supervision of domestic hot water (DHW), with simultaneous temperature measurement at two points (hot water flow and cold water return).

It is designed by Adeunis, an expert in IoT solutions dedicated to optimizing building management. Its mission is to support the digitization of its customers’ businesses, in order to improve energy performance, enhance user comfort and optimize equipment maintenance.

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