Synox Iberica: our new journey into the IoT galaxy

Philippe Gautheron

Philippe Gautheron, Synox Iberica subsidiary’s Manager

After a fundraising at the end of 2021, intended to accelerate our positioning on IoT projects in smart territories, Emmanuel Mouton (CEO of Synox) and Jerome Fenwick (CTO of Synox) have chosen to develop their network under the sun of the Iberian Peninsula.

In 2022, we have undertaken many projects, journeys and directions that allow us to evolve continuously, rapidly and with more passengers. As a creator of IoT solutions and a forerunner in several fields, we are committed to developing our skills, both through the diversity of the uses we master and through the geographical location of our business. An ambitious project that corroborates our vision of the IoT with a unique promise: innovation to the point French services !


“The idea is to bring our skills to other local authorities with proven digital solutions. With the launch of our subsidiary Synox Iberica, we will challenge ourselves to further push the cursor on sustainable development and digital ethics which are at the foundation of our approach.
Emmanuel MOUTON, CEO of Synox

Who is piloting the Synox Iberica ship?

To succeed in this challenge, who better than an engineer who has already helped large automotive groups to launch themselves internationally, like Philippe Gautheron?

In September 2022, a few days before the official opening of the Synox Iberica subsidiary, we were able to ask him our questions and, although he is able to answer them in more than seven languages, here are his answers in French.

Philippe Gautheron is a racing engineer and has been running his own company in the sector for nearly 5 years. His career path having diversified into telematics, it is an asset that he puts to good use for companies wishing to launch themselves internationally, notably thanks to his network. With his two partners, they are now accompanying Synox and SoFLEET by Synox for a conquest of the Iberian Peninsula from 2022.

And when we ask Philippe Gautheron why he chose the city of Valencia to set up his business, he explains that: ” It is an ideal geographical location since the city has privileged access to other metropolises, one of the busiest seaports in the world, more reasonable structural costs and political stability, which I think is a notable criterion.

He also points out that the attractive living environment of this region is also a means of attracting talent to join the Synox Iberica adventure, a challenge not to be overlooked since we have already recruited 3 people for the launch of the activity in the fall of 2022.

We introduce to you : Philippe Gautheron


Philippe Gautheron


Synox Iberica Manager


30+ years of experience


Car races


A multi-sector project

Driven by his passion for telematics, since 2017, Phillipe Gautheron did not hesitate to follow Jean Falchero in the Synox Iberica adventure. For him:

“Representing a French company and helping it get established from the beginning of the project is very rewarding and it allows me to keep a foot in the automotive industry.”

It is not uncommon to refer to Spain as the ” Garden of Europe ” because of its high market share in the production of fruit and vegetables for export. Obviously, this activity requires a strong road activity, well known by all, but which tends to be optimized to better control: safety, costs, traceability and carbon emissions. Up to now, the players present have mainly relied on simple geolocation. Then, tech behemoths realized the stakes around financial, safety and environmental aspects of fleet management.

In addition, it is a zone that has historically been very involved in European and global trade and that is investing more and more in alternative energies. This makes it particularly interesting to combine IoT and Fleet Management to improve the environmental impact of transportation on a large scale.


“It’s the perfect place to set up shop and develop our Smart Energy, Smart City and Smart Transport solutions. We have a lot to contribute and a lot to learn as well. And that’s what we like about this challenge.
Jérôme FENWICK, CTO of Synox

The manager of Synox Iberica specifies that: ” The Iberian Peninsula is a strategic area for European and international trade, with a very important road activity and maritime flows. There is no doubt that SoFLEET, Synox’s daughter brand, can find its place in the transport business, which has been growing steadily over the past few years, and meet the increasing demand for eco-driving and car sharing on the part of local authorities and companies.

Transport in Europe for 2023

The sustainable dimension for connected territories

For Synox, the integration and deployment of IoT systems in Spanish and Portuguese municipalities within the framework of Smart Territories represents a second very important lever.
Spain is the most connected city in Europe!

Santander, a municipality in northern Spain, has connected just about everything it can handle with IoT. With more than 20,000 sensors for 175,000 inhabitants, this makes it a true “living laboratory of the smart city” according to The Good Life magazine. Gema Igual Ortiz, Mayor of Santander since 2016 likes to say that soon: “rather than raving about the architecture and the bay and its turquoise water […] it is the traffic circles, the street lighting system, the parking spaces or even the installation of smart garbage cans” that will attract attention. The project leader recalls that “the objective was to push research and experimentation around smart city technologies outside of laboratories, in a living environment and on a city scale.”

A well-developed roadmap for 2023

For Philippe, not a second to lose! Hand in hand with our team in Montpellier, he started recruiting and setting up the new Synox Iberica team.

A major project that will have taken several months to build, to be completed in September 2022. In October of the same year, the new synoxiens who join the ship, will be able to be onboarded like all the others, during a stay at the Montpellier headquarters. An essential step for us, in order to integrate and federate the team spirit, around our ambition and our common values.

And after that? For 2023, the subsidiary’s manager, Philippe Gautheron, plans: ” the implementation of services with key accounts and the activation of relationships with car manufacturers. The goal is to connect at least 10,000 vehicles within one year. From there, we will grow the structure by segmenting the activity with Portugal, and by keeping the strategy launched by the headquarters of Synox in Montpellier well anchored. “.

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In summary

With the creation of this subsidiary, the desire is to become a key player in fleet management and IoT for intelligent territories in Europe and our Manager of Synox Iberica is convinced that there is
something big” to do. Local authorities and private sector players are mobilizing to initiate responsible approaches in various verticals. “I myself am sensitive to sustainability issues and I am convinced that we gain in productivity when we work with what I call ‘eco-sensitivity’. As for the IoT, there are many projects to be carried out, Spain and Portugal have understood and integrated it well, even at the political level.”

SYNOX TEMOIGNAGE PHILIPPE“It’s an adventure with a dynamic company that has an active approach to work, which I enjoyed and makes me want to get involved to meet the challenges. It also allows me to keep my feet on the ground while keeping my head in the stars! After many years of traveling the world for championships I am delighted to allow Synox to benefit from my experience and my network. “

Philippe Gautheron, Manager of Synox Iberica

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