IoT technologies for supply chain 4.0

Supply chain 4.0 was born out of industry 4.0. This fourth industrial revolution is essentially based on the use of new technologies, the interconnectivity of applications linked to the Internet. The stakes are high for companies that have turned to digital transformation to modernize their supply chain: reduce costs, better select suppliers and service providers, establish a real partnership with carriers, increase profitability and customer satisfaction, etc. Putting new technologies at the service of the supply chain requires a transformation of communication systems, where information must now flow in real time. This is how connected objects (IoT) can enter the scene.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0

The IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the network that connects all intelligent machines together. We are talking about connected objects, such as GPS, cell phones, detectors, sensors of all kinds. This includes all devices that are generally used for information feedback.

The use of IoT requires the dematerialization of processes to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0, including:

  • data volume management;
  • computing power and connectivity;
  • Artificial intelligence capabilities related to analytics and the market;
  • human-computer interaction;
  • Improving data transformation in the physical world.
Supply chain 4.0 iot

The contribution of IoT technologies in the supply chain 4.0

Logistics players that involve IoT in their systems are using data integrations for analytical purposes. Their purpose is to plan the maintenance and availability of material and human resources, as well as the supply of materials. Their role has evolved from reactive to proactive.

IoT and new technologies are now making previously unseen impacts visible. Supply chain managers can now anticipate breakdowns or disruptions before they occur. Detecting malfunctions earlier is one of the priorities of the IoT. Synox is the partner of companies that innovate and want to implement digital transformation.

A more connected supply chain and manufacturing process

Thanks to digital transformation, supply chain 4.0 offers a multitude of solutions to meet the challenges of the industry: profitability, innovation, customer satisfaction. The interconnectivity between the supply chain and the manufacturing line allows interaction with a multitude of actors:

  • providers,
  • transporters,
  • suppliers,
  • etc.

The importance of variety in sourcing subcontractors is confronted with the requirement of digital transformation. If all players use IoT, it becomes easier to engage in predictive logistics, instead of passive.

Knowing the volume of stocks, the occupancy rate of a machine, the availability of manpower or the exact position of a pallet being delivered: all this is possible thanks to new technologies. With Synox, the company enters the innovation era thanks to IoT and its associated services.

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