IoT technologies in the smart city, a major role

When we talk about the concentration of users and goods in a small space and on various territories, we talk about smart cities! Because the world has been experiencing an ever-accelerating urbanization phenomenon for several decades, it is becoming urgent to measure the stakes. This is fundamental in terms of the environment and sustainability. Fortunately, the combination of smart cities and innovation equipment opens our horizon to a promising future and outlook.

The Internet of Things is at the service of smart cities

Demographics and climate change suggest that we will have a worrying living environment if we do not decide to act as actors involved in the smart city with its advantages and limitations.

In addition to buildings made of recycled materials and perfectly insulated, the smart city is surrounded by high-tech devices, linked together by a formidable connectivity that ensures :

  • user mobility ;
  • equitable distribution of electricity, and no waste;
  • Lower hot/cold water, electricity and gas costs;
  • waste management, transport and treatment in the cleanliness sector;
  • constant monitoring of utility infrastructure.
smart city iot technologies visual

The main uses of IoT in the smart city

To envision the smart city in the face of climate change is to use the most modern systems and technologies to reduce pollution and waste. Even if this is just an image, the smart city has all the makings of a reality:

  • The widespread deployment of 5G wireless networks makes the Internet “hardware” anywhere.
  • Dynamic traffic modeling allows for a customized offer to the various users.
  • The automation of the heating system prevents the risk of overheating, as well as possible heat loss.
  • Information and communication technologies facilitate the relationship of citizens with other actors in the city.
  • Energy consumption is optimized, as well as air quality and wastewater disposal.
  • Medical applications complement the services of health centers dedicated to residents.

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