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Our partnership

The partnership between Siveco Group and Synox allows both partners to share their know-how and to be complementary in terms of the platforms they edit. Siveco Group, a CMMS software publisher, has made Synox its preferred partner for IoT for over 10 years now.

“There is a cross business interest, we know each other’s offerings which allows us to share our cases for joint responses.

Laurent Crétot, Sales Director of Siveco Group


The values shared by Synox and its partner Siveco Group

Complete your offer


We have the will to bring a constant evolution in the products by innovating in the interest of the customers.


Customer satisfaction

We place great importance on our clients and their needs, and accompany them throughout their projects.


IoT expert


We put our expertise at the service of technological performance, to improve your confidence in us.


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    Siveco Group has been publishing and integrating maintenance management software (CMMS) since 1986 and is now a key player in France and internationally. With more than 1800 customer sites in all sectors of activity and several tens of thousands of users worldwide, Siveco Group guarantees you a business expertise implemented in the largest companies.

    Verbatim Synox Mathieu

    Mathieu BORIE, Business Manager at Synox

    Our partnership allows us to offer a complementary solution to industrial players, both for the supervision and analysis of their data and for the management of intervention requests. Thus, we can offer a complete solution.

    verbatim Siveco

    Laurent Crétot, Sales & Marketing Director of Siveco Group

    SYNOX knows our business perfectly and the methods of communication between their solutions and ours. SYNOX is present in all areas where IoT has a very promising future, from industry to smart-building.

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    Partner Program

    Speaker at our webinar

    During our webinar, “The winning combination of anticipatory maintenance”, Laurent Crétot, Sales Director at Siveco Group and Jérôme Fenwick, led a 45-minute webinar on the theme of the winning combination of anticipatory maintenance.

    0408 - Webinar - The winning combination of anticipatory maintenance

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    Laurent Crétot gives us his vision of the partnership and tells us more about this win-win relationship between Synox and Siveco.

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