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Synox is a partner of Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless), a leader in cellular technology. The collaboration between Synox and Semtech is based on the desire to offer our customers a solution that guarantees reliable and robust connectivity, helping their IoT projects to succeed. Synox provides Semtech with the security component, by setting up private APNs. Discover a partnership embodied by two complementary IoT players.

Sierra Wireless

Semtech is a major player in IoT connectivity solutions, offering innovative technologies that enable seamless device communication in today’s digital landscape. With a heritage spanning three decades, Semtech has consolidated its status as a global innovator in wireless technology, addressing industries seeking greater efficiency and growth through the power of the Internet of Things.

The values shared by Synox and its partner Semtech

IoT expert


The partnership between Semtech and Synox enables us to combine our different areas of expertise and bring real added value.

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Customer satisfaction

Our ambition? Bring the best solutions to end customers by putting them at the heart of our thinking and actions.



Semtech and Synox are agile, constantly evolving their offers to meet new customer expectations.

Verbatim Synox Hugo

Hugo LEMOINE, Partner Manager at Synox

Working with Semtech gives us the assurance of a partner who provides us with SIM cards that can be deployed worldwide, thanks in particular to the roaming agreements it has signed with local network providers. We give our customers the assurance of being connected to the best network available, anywhere, anytime.


Nicolas DAMOUR, Senior Director for Strategic Partnerships at Semtech

In my opinion, cybersecurity issues are very important and unfortunately often neglected. In any case, they are not taken as seriously as they should be, even if awareness is gradually growing. Semtech also attaches real importance to IoT sustainability and CSR, which are major challenges to be met.

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