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The partnership between PYRESCOM and Synox unites two areas of expertise to provide end customers with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. It is revolutionizing the Smart City, Smart Building and Smart Energy sectors, thanks to the connected objects designed by PYRESCOM and the Data Management & Visualization platforms published by Synox. The complementary nature of the two partners allows them to cover the entire value chain and to support their customers throughout their projects.


The values shared by Synox and its partner PYRESCOM

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We have the will to bring a constant evolution in the products by innovating in the interest of the customers.



Like Synox, PYRESCOM puts people at the heart of its concerns, for the entire ecosystem.


Working together

PYRESCOM and Synox are committed to working as a team, and to co-constructing solutions together, to go further.


    Founded in 1984 in the Pyrénées Orientales region of France, PYRESCOM develops connected solutions for Smart City, Smart Healthcare and Smart Enterprise. A date specialist, PYRESCOM imagines, prototypes, designs and manufactures its products in France. Today, PYRESCOM has more than 8,000 customers in over 50 countries.

    Verbatim Synox Hugo

    Hugo LEMOINE, Partner Manager at Synox

    Our collaboration with PYRESCOM is focused on two strategic use cases: monitoring indoor air quality and controlling public lighting. The partnership established several years ago is a fine result of the work of two IoT players located in Occitanie.

    verbatim Pierre ROYER PYRESCOM

    Pierre ROYER, Sales Engineer at PYRESCOM

    We’ve been delighted to work with Synox for many years now. Synox’s strike force, coupled with our expertise in data and data processing, enables us to reach a large number of customers and access projects covering new horizons.

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    Pauline PONTIS gives us her vision of the partnership and tells us more about the win-win relationship between Synox and PYRESCOM.

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