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Our partnership

Nexelec, a specialist in fire safety and air quality, brings its business vision to the design of the sensors and to the use of the information. For users with broader issues, Synox allows them to consolidate information from their various projects on a single multi-use, multi-protocol platform.


The values shared by Synox and its partner Nexelec

Complete your offer


We have the will to bring a constant evolution in the products by innovating in the interest of the customers.


Customer satisfaction

We place great importance on our clients and their needs, and accompany them throughout their projects.


IoT expert


We put our expertise at the service of technological performance, to improve your confidence in us.



    Nexelec is a structure created in 2009, specialized in the analysis of environmental parameters of buildings. The company designs and develops a range of intelligent sensors capable of measuring parameters such as temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, the presence of pollutants, the occupancy rate of the building, or the sound environment of a workspace. The most advanced product in the range measures up to 10 parameters simultaneously. These are measured and then, thanks to Nexelec’s proprietary algorithms, it is possible to receive advice on the actions to be taken to remedy the situation.

    Verbatim Synox Thibault

    Thibault BOULLE, Market Manager for Intelligent Territories at Synox

    Nexelec is perfectly in line with Synox’s sourcing strategy: a very detailed knowledge of end-users’ needs in terms of use cases, high-performance, multi-connectivity sensors, designed and produced in France as close as possible to our territories.

    NEXELEC verbatim

    Antoine DURRMANN, R&D Manager at Nexelec

    Having solutions like Synox that are multi-protocol, multi-use, and that make all the data available to a customer regardless of the type of sensors or the type of network, allows the customer to reuse sensors for different purposes.

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    Partner Program

    Our “Air Quality” Starter Kit

    Bundle - Qualité d'air

      A turnkey solution to monitor and measure indoor air quality in real time.

      The Air Quality Starter Kit allows you to easily set up a solution for monitoring and measuring indoor air quality in different spaces: offices, schools.

      Carbon analyzes the CO2 level every 10 minutes and visually alerts the occupants when it is time to ventilate to renew the indoor air. The sensor measures CO2, temperature and also the humidity of the spaces. Mutakom, the only solution certified by Sigfox, brings you an expert alerting service.


      Speaker of our webinar

      During our webinar “Indoor air quality control: IoT at the heart of health and regulatory issues”, Antoine DURRMANN, R&D Manager at Nexelec, Lionel ROUGE, Deputy Mayor of Sauve, Thibault BOULLE, Market Manager for Intelligent Territories at Synox and Hugo LEMOINE, Partner Manager at Synox, presented for 45 minutes the issues at stake, and the project deployed for the City of Sauve, thanks to the common offer of the partners.


      Learn more about the partnership


      Antoine DURRMANN gives us his vision of the partnership and tells us more about this win-win relationship between Synox and Nexelec.

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