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Synox is a partner of satellite connectivity provider Kinéis. Together, we’re revolutionizing global connectivity, with the aim of improving business performance by bringing real added value to the end-customer solution. The operator’s global coverage guarantees superior quality of service for all customers, whatever their size. Discover a partnership that plays a key role in the transport and logistics sector.


The values shared by Synox and its partner Kinéis

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The partnership between Kinéis and Synox enables us to combine our different areas of expertise and bring real added value.



Our ambition? Bringing the best solutions to end customers using the least amount of energy possible.

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Customer satisfaction

Kinéis and Synox are committed to maximizing customer satisfaction by providing ever more innovative services.

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    Kinéis is a satellite operator and a global connectivity provider. Kinéis technology is already operational on 9 satellites, and will be reinforced after the launch of a 25-satellite constellation. Low-speed, low-power, global connectivity – simple, reliable and low-cost. Kinéis technology is used to locate and collect data on fixed or mobile objects located outside terrestrial network coverage areas.

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    Hugo LEMOINE, Partner Manager at Synox

    Integrating the Kinéis network into our platforms enables us to master more use cases in the fields of smart transport and farming, thanks to the provision of constant global satellite LPWAN connectivity.

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    Patrice TAJAN, Area Manager Europe & Asia at Kinéis

    We have high expectations of our relationship with Synox. This is of great interest to end-customers, who benefit from structured, scalable platform solutions that provide functionalities that meet their operational needs.

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        Patrice TAJAN gives us his vision of the partnership and tells us more about the win-win relationship between Synox and Kinéis.

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