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The partnership between SoFLEET and GAC Technology unites two innovation leaders to shape the landscape of IoT and connected solutions for enterprise vehicle management. Our collaboration combines the power of GAC Technology’s advanced data analysis with SoFLEET’s practical expertise in telematics and data connectivity for all types of vehicles. Together, we’re exploring the possibilities offered by the IoT to create solutions that push back the boundaries of what’s possible.


The values shared by Synox and its partner GAC Technology



Our aim is to innovate and offer services that can evolve with our customers’ changing needs.



GAC Technology and SoFLEET place great importance on respect and honesty, which form the basis of trusting relationships.



The two partners aim to provide their customers with solutions that are simple to implement and easy to use.


    As a management software publisher, GAC Technology develops and offers 100% web-based management solutions designed to facilitate and optimize the work of general management, finance, purchasing and general services. Their flagship software, GAC Car Fleet, is used to manage vehicle fleets, and supports managers in the complete management of their vehicles (fleet tracking, Car Policy, taxation, cost tracking and optimization, alerts, vehicle orders, etc.). As a specialist in commitment management and tracking, GAC Technology provides its customers with web applications that enable them to collect and consolidate their data, and thus provide the right indicators.

    Verbatim Synox Hugo

    Hugo LEMOINE, SYNOX Partnership Manager

    The telematics data collected by SoFLEET on all types of vehicle, both first and second-hand, are used to feed the GAC Car Fleet software, providing a complete, cross-functional fleet management solution.

    verbatim GAC

    Matthieu ECHALIER, CEO of GAC Technology

    With Synox, we have a two-way partnership, always at the customer’s service. SoFLEET, GAC Technology and all the other tech players send a lot of data back to the professionals, who end up with too much. Our role is to help them by highlighting trends through data mining, AI and well-constructed graphics.

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