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Our partnership

The partnership between Datategy and Synox finds its added value in the complementarity of their platforms, both of which are published by experts in different fields. Datategy allows Synox, through its role as a partner, to provide an additional software brick to deepen the analysis of the data and to be able to produce a predictive model. End customers will have a complete solution provided by two experts, allowing them to process the data from capture to prediction.


The values shared by Synox and its partner Datategy

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

We value our customers and their needs, and do our utmost to exceed their expectations.



Datategy and Synox are committed to constantly improving and evolving their respective offerings.

IoT expert


We put our expertise at the service of technological performance, to improve your confidence in us.

Sensing labs

    Datategy is developing papAI studio, a platform that enables companies to infuse data science into all their departments and achieve their data-driven ambitions while enabling business users to understand AI decisions. Datategy’s vision is to enable the use of AI as a business performance tool.

    Verbatim Synox Jérôme

    Jérôme FENWICK, CTO at Synox

    Synox is looking for partners with the same philosophy of a 100% user-oriented solution. Datategy’s papAI solution provides an explainable artificial intelligence solution with a nocode/lowcode graphical user interface so that our joint users feel in control of their solutions from sensor to data intelligence.

    Datategy verbatim

    Jean-Marc BRIQUET, Head of Sales and Partner at Datategy

    Datategy’s policy is to always work with the best. The choice of Synox to solve our customers’ IoT problems was therefore a natural one. Being part of an ecosystem such as Synox is essential for us in terms of visibility and trust.

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    Thibaud ISHACIAN, Data Architect & Product Owner, gives us his testimony:
    The idea of the partnership with Synox is to meet data producers and, through interfacing, to be able to propose analyses to different customers, to different interested people.

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    Jean-Marc BRIQUET gives us his vision of the partnership and tells us more about the win-win relationship between Synox and Datategy.

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