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Berger Levrault, a multi-sector software publisher and integrator, is a Synox partner. Our collaboration aims to improve the operational efficiency of industrial operators by optimizing the supervision of various equipment. The interconnection of the Synox and BL Predict platforms, published by Berger Levrault, enables us to anticipate maintenance and move towards a more efficient, reliable and sustainable Industry 4.0.


The values shared by Synox and its partner Berger Levrault



Respect for our ecosystem, our employees and the planet is at the heart of our respective actions.



Berger Levrault and Synox attach great importance to caring and consideration for everyone.



Berger Levrault and Synox are agile, adapting to change with an emphasis on teamwork.

Berger Levrault

    Multi-sector software integrator and publisher. Let’s take up the challenge of managing equipment and infrastructure to combine efficiency, sustainability and quality with BL.Predict, an innovative interoperable digital platform generating resource and energy savings via IoT and AI. #CMMS

    Verbatim Synox Hugo

    Hugo LEMOINE, SYNOX Partnership Manager

    Our partnership offers an asset supervision solution for preventive and prescriptive maintenance in various sectors: intelligent buildings, smart cities, industry of the future, etc. IoT data collected and alerts detected on SoM2M#IoT are visualized and processed in the BL.Predict platform.

    verbatim Visiativ

    Youssef MILOUDI, Berger Levrault Innovation Manager

    With this partnership, we hope to make these technologies ever more accessible to end-users, particularly for equipment optimization, by sharing our expertise: Synox for networks and IoT sensors, and CARL for business AI.

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