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Aqualabo and Synox have joined forces, combining two areas of expertise to achieve a common goal: better control and analysis of water. Local authorities, manufacturers and farmers can improve the quality of the water they use on a daily basis, whatever the purpose. Thanks to the extensive range of IoT sensors designed by Aqualabo, and the use of data on our device management and data visualization platforms, our joint solution supports you across the entire value chain.


The values shared by Synox and its partner Aqualabo



In a constantly evolving sector, we are constantly innovating to offer better solutions.



With its low-energy IoT sensors, Aqualabo matches Synox’s Responsible Digital values.




The quality sought in water also applies to IoT sensors designed and manufactured in France, and to the service provided to customers.



AQUALABO designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of devices, low-energy digital sensors and instruments for water monitoring and analysis.

Its mission: to make water control simple, economical, innovative and low-consumption. Backed by many years’ experience, AQUALABO offers products and services to cover all your water control needs, both in the field and in the laboratory.

Verbatim Synox Hugo

Hugo LEMOINE, Partner Manager

The partnership between Aqualabo and Synox provides a connected water monitoring and analysis solution for local authorities and farmers. The combination of our respective expertise enables precise analysis of water resources, with monitoring of various parameters (turbidity, conductivity, salinity, oxygen, temperature, pH, etc.).


verbatim AQUALABO

Severine GOULETTE, Marketing Director

The partnership with Synox is much more than just a collaboration. It’s a strategic alliance that opens up new perspectives in our ongoing quest for innovation and excellence. This synergy enables us to offer our customers integrated, more efficient and more sustainable solutions, while strengthening our market position.

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