Smart Farming:

IoT for intelligent agriculture

M2M water management

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17 pages IoT

62 pages

Analysis of 4 key points

4-part analysis

Expert advices

Expert advices

Content overview in a few words


#1 Crop irrigation

#2 Solar panels: monitoring
batteries for sustainable agriculture


#3 Soil moisture management with
temperature and humidity sensors


#3 Connected agriculture thanks to
geolocation and supervision


Step 1 – Ask yourself the right questions

Step 2 – Think of organization from the beginning of the project

Step 3 – Data Capture

Step 4 – Connectivity

Step 5 – Hosting and data storage

Step 6 – Data redirection

Step 7 – Data processing and valorisation

Step 8 – Data reporting

Step 9 – Put safety at the heart of every step

Smart agriculture, also known as smart
farming, is revolutionizing the agricultural sector by offering new
new opportunities for optimizing farming practices. In this
In an era of changing patterns of mass consumption, sustainability
is of paramount importance, particularly in the face of the challenges
growing environmental impact.

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