Our Smart Water use cases

Our Smart Water use cases

IoT and M2M water management use cases

What is remote watering management?

Connected water management, thanks to M2M SIM cards and IoT, enables remote reading and measurement of water levels, facilitating a multitude of uses such as monitoring, maintenance and optimization of water resources.


Save money

  • Automated remote reading
  • Leak detection
  • Peak load management
  • Notification of threshold exceedance

Secure your water management

  • Fraud and theft detection
  • Meter operating status monitoring
  • Anticipation of technical interventions

Optimize your water management

  • Real-time monitoring of indicators
  • Data analysis with dashboards
  • Customizable threshold alerts

Why work with us?


communities supported

deployed devices

different models of sensors managed

3 examples of use cases

starter kit water level

River level monitoring

Monitor levels remotely and improve flood prevention and warning for municipalities

geolocate iot

Automatic valve management

Remote control of valve opening and closing to optimize the distribution system

water meter

Remote reading of water meters

Automate remote meter reading and detect leaks and fraud

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