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Today, Viasat Connect France is active in the aftermarket, which is similar to a third party. The first installation is the installation of the beacons at the factory (native box), the second is the installation done in the dealership, the third is done outside the dealership, at the end customer’s place. This win-win partnership will allow Viasat Connect France to harvest the APIs provided by SoFLEET, and SoFLEET to showcase the scope of its expertise, by offering APIs to a key player in the aftermarket.

The values shared by SoFLEET and its partner Viasat Connect France



One of the things we have in common: the strength of a large group and the agility of a human-sized company, for greater flexibility



The human being is at the center of our concerns. Our common ambition? The satisfaction of our customers.



Our two companies make it a point of honor to provide maximum transparency in all their actions.

Viasat connect

    Viasat Connect France is: a SME based in Montauban, 35 employees, 5 million euros in sales and approximately 3,000 customers equipped. The French subsidiary of the Italian Group Viasat S.p.A. is specialized in Fleet management (management of vehicle and machinery fleets). Viasat Connect France also designs Asset Management, Workforce Management and Isolated Worker Protection solutions through mobile applications and a web-based planning interface.

    Testimonial SoFLEET

    Jean FALCHERO, Head of Business Unit SoFLEET

    The interest for us is to show our know-how in terms of integrator of different devices and to propose these solutions to partners like Viasat Connect.

    Viasat Connect Testimonial

    Stéphane PENLAE, Managing Director Viasat Connect France

    SoFLEET is the technology that completes our offer. […] Thanks to SoFLEET, we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors on certain calls for tender or certain business.

    Press release

    “This enriched data will feed the entire fleet monitoring process. We give our customers a range of data and indicators to better manage their fleet of vehicles and machinery, contain their TCO, help green their fleet while securing their equipment and personnel.”

    Today, a fleet of vehicles is necessarily connected. Whether it’s fuel consumption, mileage, maintenance or geolocation, companies have a vested interest in controlling end-to-end logistics in real time. Indeed, the main challenge of fleet management is to be able to anticipate, in order to optimize it.

    Viasat Connect France’s unique telematics solution, deployed on an ergonomic platform such as SoFLEET, allows fleet managers to monitor their fleets in real time, receive alerts and access the necessary information. This makes it easier to make decisions about fleet management while protecting employees and assets.

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    Stéphane PENLAE, General Manager of Viasat Connect France, gives us his vision of the partnership and tells us more about this win-win relationship between SoFLEET and Viasat Connect France.

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