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Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services creates digital solutions of the future related to the connected vehicle. With innovative data-based solutions, the connectivity and data service provider offers commercial customers and partners vehicle-specific and vehicle-related data services and products. Through the partnership, a foundation for many new data-based solutions and products is laid. The processed data by SoFLEET offers many opportunities and opens the field of possibilities.

In our partnership, we are guided by the values of Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services which include: 



We place a high value on discipline to achieve goals while taking into account different interests.

customer satisfaction


We make it a priority to recognize the value of our respective customers, business partners and collaborators.



We always strive to carry out projects with pleasure, conviction and optimism.


    Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services is creating digital solutions of the future that help B2B customers to increase their process quality and efficiency, improve customer experiences, act more sustainably or develop new business models. This is based on real-time data from more than 100 measuring points and signals inside and outside more than 14 million connected Mercedes-Benz vehicles worldwide.

    Testimonial SoFLEET

    Jean FALCHERO, Head of Business Unit SoFLEET

    Our partnership with Mercedes gives us the possibility to activate data for our customers according to their needs. SoFLEET can show the different fleet management options through the car manufacturer’s data. This guarantee of trust in the information provided by Mercedes vehicles corresponds perfectly to the needs of fleet managers.

    Mercedes verbatim

    Bastian GUTJAHR, Int. Key Account Manager at Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services

    Through our partnership, we are laying the foundation for many new data-based solutions and products. Our partner solution is very customer-friendly and efficient because everything works with one single software, and there is no need to switch providers. The pre-installed OEM-hardware can be used further and contributes to sustainable and reliable functioning.

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