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Our partnership

The partnership between Synox and Sensing Labs is based on the complementary nature of the offer. Sensing Labs specializes in the design and commercialization of sensors, while Synox provides expertise in software and IoT platforms to manage all the hardware and to collect and visualize data. The complementary nature of the two partners allows them to cover the entire value chain and to support their customers throughout their projects.


The values shared by Synox and its partner Sensing Labs



Our ambition? Reduce energy consumption as much as possible in order to preserve our planet.



Sensing Labs and Synox are constantly looking to improve and evolve their offerings.

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

We place great importance on our clients and their needs, and accompany them throughout their projects.

Sensing labs

    Sensing Labs specializes in the design and marketing of very low power communicating sensors using LPWA technologies. It addresses the B2B markets of smart building and smart metering companies that want to develop end-to-end business solutions based on IoT. All sensors have a range of 15 km in the open field and a lifetime of up to 20 years with a communication every 10 minutes including the last 24 acquired data. Its value proposition revolves around 3 axes: reducing the cost of data, providing content-rich data and simplifying data acquisition.

    The success story of a common client

    Selvea, a building construction specialist, has entrusted Synox and Sensing Labs to meet its needs in terms of analyzing the evolution of wood quality. Thanks to Sensing Labs’ sensors and our IoT platform, Selvea is now able to ensure the proper conditions of its structures.

    Measure the comfort in your office, in 3 steps

    The joint offer from Synox and Sensing Labs allows you to measure the comfort in your office in just 3 steps. The complementarity of sensors designed by Sensing Labs and platforms published by Synox, explained in video.

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