Our Smart City use cases

Smart City use cases

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What is a connected city?

A connected city or a connected territory focuses on optimizing resources and improving the well-being of inhabitants, whether in urban or peri-urban areas.

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Save your time and community money

  • Energy consumption
  • Public lighting
  • Water resources management
  • Waste collection

Analyze and optimize traffic

  • Urban traffic control
  • Parking optimization
  • Management of soft mobility

Manage risks and be alerted

  • Flood management
  • Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Sound pollution analysis

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deployed devices

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3 examples of use cases

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Controlling indoor air quality

Measure and analyze indoor air quality in real time with this turnkey solution.

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Optimize vehicle parking

Management of PRM or paid parking, monitor your parking spaces in real time.


Monitoring stream height

 Monitor river levels in real time, to anticipate flood risks and alert citizens in advance.

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