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Smart city use cases IoT

Find out more about our Smart City use cases

  • Self-service bicycle geotagging
  • Smart parking management
  • Dynamic management of delivery parking area
  • Traffic control on the urban network
  • Remote reading of water meters
  • Public lighting management
  • Filling levelmonitoring
  • External environment control
  • CO2 level control in public buildings
  • Rivers heights measurement
  • Watering of green spaces optimization
  • Water quality analysis
  • Mobile terminals power consumption
  • People counting
  • Water resources optimization
  • Monitoring the environment with the connected station
  • Monitoring of fill levels

You want to find out the different possible uses of the Internet of Things for your city or your community? This catalog of use cases is the essential tool to understand how connected devices can bring more services to citizens in a global Smart City context.

With this catalog of use cases, you will be one step closer to a successful IoT project.

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