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Starter kit "Smart Parking"

A turnkey solution to control and monitor your parking spaces in real time.

The Smart Parking Starter Kit allows you to easily set up a control and monitoring solution for your parking spaces.

The sensor included in the Smart Parking Starter Kit allows you to measure the occupancy rate of your parking areas and to control whether the spaces are free or not in real time.

Simple kit

Have a simple kit to set up independently

All inclusive solution

Benefit from an all-inclusive solution

Alerting system

Stay up-to-date in real time with a powerful alerting system

Our partner

Bosch is a German multinational firm founded by Robert Bosch in 1886. Its main areas of business are: automotive supplier; manufacturer of power tools and household appliances; industrial and construction technology; packaging technology.

The Bosch Smart Parking sensor detects and reports the availability and occupancy of a parking space to enable intelligent parking management. It is designed to be set up in a few minutes and to detect with the utmost reliability whether a space is available or not.

Bosh Starter Kit Smart Parking
Smart Parking Starter Kit

Download your “Smart Parking” starter kit !

The advantages of our Smart Parking starter kit :

  • Measuring the occupancy rate of the parking spaces
  • Real time knowledge of the availability of spaces
  • Monitoring of spaces occupancy

Contents of the Starter Kit:

  • 5 Smart Parkingsensors from Bosch
  • 12 months subscription to 1 Multitech LoRa + 4G Gateway ready to communicate
  • 12 month subscription in SaaS mode to our Data Management platform
  • 1 Installation kit + 1 Case

Starting at €2,950

Also included in your Starter Kit!

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