Industry 4.0:

Connected industry: discover the secrets of the industry of the future, thanks to IoT


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17 pages IoT

17 pages

Analysis of 9 key points

Analysis in 3 parts

Expert advices

Expert advices

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#1 Industry 4.0
How is the industry using technology to build its future?

#2 Industry 4.0
The scale of connected objects is such that we talk about IIoT: why?

#3 Industry 4.0
What does the future hold for technology in different industries?


Step 1 – Ask yourself the right questions

Step 2 – Think of organization from the beginning of the project

Step 3 – Data Capture

Step 4 – Connectivity

Step 5 – Hosting and data storage

Step 6 – Data redirection

Step 7 – Data processing and valorisation

Step 8 – Data reporting

Step 9 – Put safety at the heart of every step

“IoT is our business. At Synox, we support everyone who has an IoT project, to help them control costs, raw materials, performance and ensure quality. “

Emmanuel MOUTON, CEO of Synox

Following the industrial revolutions and the advent of technologies and digitalization of production systems, Industry 4.0 represents today the factory of the future.

Discover, through this white paper, how to unlock the secrets of the industry of the future.

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