Energy management

Action plan: IoT as a solution to reduce energy footprint


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Analysis of 9 key points

Analysis in 2 parts

Expert advices

Expert advices

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#1 Energy management
Understanding the energy challenge for structures

#2 Energy management
Solutions to act on its energy consumption


Step 1 – Ask yourself the right questions

Step 2 – Think of organization from the beginning of the project

Step 3 – Data Capture

Step 4 – Connectivity

Step 5 – Hosting and data storage

Step 6 – Data redirection

Step 7 – Data processing and valorisation

Step 8 – Data reporting

Step 9 – Put safety at the heart of every step

The energy footprint is the evaluation of the global energy consumption of a product, a service, an organization or a territory, such as a community. Most often, the life cycle is the main criterion. It is a tool to measure the impact of human activity on the environment.

To mitigate this footprint or rather this indisputable impact, various solutions have been invented, tested and implemented for decades.

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