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Industry 4.0: towards a connected, sustainable and efficient industry thanks to IIoT

The event will be held on Friday, June 24, 2022 in Montpellier

Join us for this 8th edition of Cap’IoT

How to combine operational performance and supply chain flexibility while improving the energy efficiency of the industry? All these topics represent a major strategic challenge for supply chain 4.0. Through the integration of smart technologies, we will see how IoT revolutionizes production processes by optimizing them to move towards an Industry 4.0.

For this 8th edition of our Cap’IoT event, we propose to dive together into the heart of this reflection around three key themes: supply chain 4.0, factory 4.0 and maintenance 4.0. Throughout the day, discover the vision of our experts, technological partners and users of the solutions deployed in round tables.

Are you ready? Let’s decipher together how IoT serves the Smart Industry today.


The theme goes hand in hand with our convictions:
Industry 4.0: towards a connected, sustainable and efficient industry thanks to IIoT

A unique (and free) IoT day:

  • Morning: 3 round tables to discuss with users and experts
  • Noon: a networking cocktail to create business opportunities
  • Afternoon: demos of deployed solutions, workshops, and surprises!

See you on Friday, June 24 at 8:30 am!

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On the program of this 8th edition

Beginning of the day



Welcome, badges and breakfast

Introductory speech


9H - 9H15

  • Emmanuel MOUTON
    CEO, Synox
  • Guest of honor
    in confirmation

Round table 1 : Supply chain 4.0



How do you achieve a more flexible and sustainable supply chain through IoT?

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  • Logistics optimization: the digital transformation of the supply chain
  • Traceability of goods: understanding the challenges of connected transport
  • Efficient inventory and supplier management: optimizing supply chain costs
  • Name of upcoming speakers
maintenance 4.0

Round Table 2: Factory 4.0



How to improve infrastructure energy efficiency with IoT?

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  • Improving the quality of life at work: towards a safer sector
  • Towards better environmental management: moving towards environmentally friendly buildings
  • Transformation of the energy network: management of natural resources and raw materials
  • Name of upcoming speakers

Round Table 3: Maintenance 4.0



How do IoT and analytics help rethink operational performance?

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  • Transformation of the production chain: towards operational excellence
  • Predictive, preventive and curative maintenance: better anticipation to gain in productivity
  • Optimization of production tools: improving the quality of production
  • Name of upcoming speakers
supply chain 4.0 (2)

Closing remarks



  • Emmanuel MOUTON
    CEO, Synox
  • Guest of honor
    in confirmation


Buffet lunch and Networking


14H00 - 16H30

Workshops & Demonstrations

  • Presentation of the use cases
  • Highlighting of IoT platforms and solutions
  • A surprise 100% IoT challenge

How can we ensure that the use of IIoT leads us to a more efficient and effective industry, while taking into account environmental issues?

The optimization of production processes through IoT opens the door to multiple possibilities that we have neither finished exploiting nor discovering. The management of available resources is a key issue in this transition and allows us to move towards the operational excellence that all Smart Industry players are pursuing.

Whether in terms of quality of life at work, energy efficiency or operational performance, the list is non-exhaustive and continues to meet these objectives.

The new edition of Cap’IoT highlights examples of achievements in the Smart Industry sector, in line with our raison d’être: “Make the use of IoT brings an ethical and environmental evolution for Man and his Planet”.

Practical information


Friday, June 24 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


Theater Odeon Montpellier
Zac du Fenouillet, 34470 Pérols


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Round tables

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