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Industry 4.0: towards a connected, sustainable and efficient industry thanks to IIoT

The event was held on Friday, June 24, 2022 in Montpellier

Thank you to the participants, partners & speakers for the success of this new 100% IoT edition!




Round tables

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IoT to revolutionize the industry

How to combine operational performance and supply chain flexibility while improving theenergy efficiency of the industry? All these topics represent a major strategic challenge for supply chain 4.0. Through the integration of smart technologies, we will see how IoT revolutionizes production processes by optimizing them to move towards an Industry 4.0.

For this 8th edition of our Cap’IoT event, we invite you to dive into the heart of this reflection around three key themes: supply chain 4.0, factory 4.0 and maintenance 4.0. Throughout the day, discover the vision of our experts, technological partners and users of the solutions deployed.

Are you ready? Let’s decipher together how IoT serves the Smart Industry today.

Thanks to our partners Cap’IoT 2022

On the program of this 8th edition

Beginning of the day



Welcome, badges and breakfast

Introductory speech



  • Emmanuel MOUTON
    CEO, Synox
  • Patrick MEILLAUD
    Powertrain Solutions, Vice President, Commercial Plant Manager, Bosch Plant

Round table 1 : Supply chain 4.0



How do you achieve a more flexible and sustainable supply chain through IoT?

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  • Logistics optimization: the digital transformation of the supply chain
  • Traceability of goods: understanding the challenges of connected transport
  • Efficient inventory and supplier management: optimizing supply chain costs
  • Alexandre JEANTHON
    BDM Partnership and Indirect Sales, WIIO
    Consulting and Software Solutions, SOLARIS LOGISTIQUE & BI
  • Olivier GUILBAUD
    CEO, Ineo Sense
maintenance 4.0

Round Table 2: Factory 4.0



How to improve infrastructure energy efficiency with IoT?

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  • Improving the quality of life at work: towards a safer sector
  • Towards better environmental management: moving towards environmentally friendly buildings
  • Transformation of the energy network: management of natural resources and raw materials
  • Sylvain BOU
    Director of Technical Functions & Business Developer, Bosch Plant
  • Tarik MABROUKI
    Sales Director France East Project, Sogetrel
  • Boris ALANDRY
    President, Applexia

Round Table 3: Maintenance 4.0



How do IoT and analytics help rethink operational performance?

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  • Transformation of the production chain: towards operational excellence
  • Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance: better anticipation for greater productivity
  • Optimization of production tools: improving the quality of production
  • Thibault GALLY
    Mechatronics engineer: Innovation Manager, Sotic
  • Mohamed SALLAK
    Teacher-researcher, University of Technology of Compiègne
  • Philippe VINCENT
    Head of Technical Services, QUOTIENT
supply chain 4.0 (2)

Closing remarks



  • Emmanuel MOUTON
    CEO, Synox
    Global Omnichannel Services Manager, Royal Canin

Afternoon activities



Cocktail reception

Photo booth & Networking



Presentation hosted by Synox

in the auditorium with Laurie, Customer Experience Manager & Cassandra and Teddy, Product Owners



Pitch session of Cap’IoT partners



Demonstration and networking

led by Synox and its partners



Launch of the 100% IoT challenge

The Key Speakers

A look back at the Smart Industry edition

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