Our use cases of Smart Industry

Our use cases of Smart Industry

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All our Smart Industry use cases

Welcome to the 4.0 Industry!

You want to know the different possible uses of the Internet of Things for your industry and progress towards an Industry 4.0? This catalog of use cases is the essential tool to understand how connected devices can bring more services to industrial decision makers. With this catalog of use cases, you will be one step closer to a successful IoT project.

Industry 4.0

What is a connected industry?

A connected industry or connected factory focuses on optimizing processes, and the supply chain, to improve the profitability, safety and environmental impact of the business.

city iot

Optimize your supply chain

  • Indoor geolocation
  • Asset tracking
  • Optimization of the chain
    supply chain

Transform your 4.0 factory

  • Risk prevention
  • Energy management
  • Building security
  • Protection of the isolated worker

Choose 4.0 Maintenance

  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Operational Excellence
  • Zero downtime goal
  • Safety of the production line

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3 examples of use cases

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Controlling indoor air quality

Measure and analyze indoor air quality in real time with this turnkey solution.

geolocate iot

Indoor geolocation

Locate your industrial equipment and people indoors in real time to improve security.

iot infrastructure

Facility Management

Control and optimize the various services necessary for the proper functioning of your company.

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