Our Smart Health use cases

Our Smart Health use cases


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What is Smart health?

Connected health focuses on the contribution of IoT to the medical world, and aims to improve healthcare processes and guarantee a healthy environment and products for patients. This is known as IoMT (Internet of Medical Things).


Improve patient safety

  • Indoor environment monitoring
  • Teleassistance for dependent persons

Guarantee traceability

  • Health product transport traceability
  • Health product storage monitoring

Manage medical equipment

  • Indoor geolocation of equipment
  • Monitoring medical machines

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communities supported

deployed devices

different models of sensors managed

3 examples of use cases

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Remote assistance

Be alerted in case of risk situations for dependent people.


Ensuring traceability

Control the temperature of transported healthcare products and be alerted if thresholds are exceeded.


Monitor machines

Automate data collection while guaranteeing confidentiality.

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