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Smart Farming use cases

IoT Smart Farming use cases

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Welcome to the agricultural farm of the future!

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What is a connected farmland?

A connected farm or connected agricultural territory focuses on optimizing water resources, soil management systems and infrastructure to improve productivity while limiting the environmental impact of the activity.


Improve your productivity

  • Measuring the humidity level
  • Analyze soil temperature
  • Improve land quality
  • Increase crop yields
  • Anticipating floods

Optimize your resources

  • Collecting reliable weather data
    (wind direction and speed, humidity, pressure
    atmospheric, temperatures, rainfall volume,
  • Intelligent watering
  • Controlling water consumption

Limit your impact on the environment

  • Detecting the presence of water at the end of the field
  • Automatically stop watering
  • Anticipate leaks
  • Monitor water consumption

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