SoFLEET, creator of added value for the connected car

Synox capitalizes on its expertise and know-how in all the technological bricks of an IoT project, from capturing the data to its restitution, to offer you a solution 100% dedicated to the connected car (thermal and electrical).

The solution that guarantees a successful sustainable mobility strategy

As a turnkey solution for companies wishing to engage in a sustainable mobility policy, SoFLEET connects vehicles, measures fleet performance and analyzes driving behavior of drivers.


What makes us different:

  • An intuitive app designed specifically to enhance user experience
  • The strength of an expert support service that is receptive and responsive
  • An innovative battery discharge prediction algorithm for the electric vehicle
  • A dedicated Users Club to evolve the solution according to the real expectations of the users

Intelligent fleet management solution rewarding drivers

More than services dedicated to the connected car, SoFLEET offers a real fleet cost optimization strategy that puts the driver in center of the process. SoFLEET motivates your drivers with an innovative approach and contributes to the growth of your business.

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A smart management tool to optimize car fleet

More than a tool to control the costs inherent to the use of the vehicle, it is a real daily accompaniment for the manager.

By collecting and consolidating vehicle data, SoFLEET allows you to view fleet data at a glance and helps the manager focus on his business and key performance indicators.

SoFLEET is a unique and centralized web interface that includes all the features to visualize, control and control each component of its fleet.

Manage all vehicles in the fleet efficiently, optimize usage and control expenses.

A mobile application to accompany drivers in their travels

SoFLEET, driver-oriented, is the guarantee of a more playful, intelligent and responsible driving.

Visualize at a glance the axes of progression by route, personalized eco-driving advice, challenge drivers, optimization of vehicle maintenance …

SoFLEET is the solution that engages drivers in safe, economical and responsible driving, thanks to the incentive and gamification of driving behavior.

A safely use of electric vehicle

SoFLEET simplifies and improves the use of electric vehicles by facilitating its acceptance through the gamification of driving behavior.

Vehicle information transfer, calculation and prediction of energy expenditure and load time, management of vehicle reservations with HMI for the manager, driving analysis and personalized eco-driving tips …

SoFLEET simplifies the management of electric vehicles and their logistics, in particular related to charging time, autonomy, energy expenditure of journeys and optimize the rate of use of the vehicle.

An interlocutor dedicated in every step

Through its experience in the connected vehicle, SoFLEET is also an Expert Support that accompanies you at every step in the management of your vehicle fleet and the implementation of targeted actions for you to be an actor of a responsible and sustainable mobility.

From setting up the right dashboards to personalized coaching, the SoFLEET Support guarantees you concrete answers adapted to the problems of your organization.

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