The LoRa STARTER KIT provides all the necessary tools to realize and deploy your connected device project:

MultiConnect Conduit gateway with integrated connectivity, device provisioning management platform for device and network, data management platform, support from end to end.

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    • Description

      Easy to implement, use your starter kit to collect data from your devices via your LoRa private network and use it on a dedicated data management platform.

    • Includes

      – 1 MultiConnect Conduit gateway AEP (MTCDT-210A-US-EU-GB)
      – 1 Gateway accesory card LoRaWAN MultiConnect mCard (MTAC-LORA-868 ou MTAC-LORA-915)
      – 2 LoRa MultiConnect mDot modules (MTDOT-868-X1P-SMA-1 ou MTDOT-915-X1P-SMA-1)
      – 1 Developer kit MultiConnect mDot (MTUDK2-ST-MDOT)
      – 1 Micro developer kit MultiConnect mDot (MTMDK-ST-MDOT)
      – 1 device mDot Box LoRa (MTDOT-BOX-G-868 ou MTDOT-BOX-G-915)
      – 3 LoRa 868-915 MHz antennas (AN868-915A-1HRA)

    • Documentation

    4 steps to enhance your IoT experience with Lorawan technology

    From sensor to data exploitation

    Setup gateway and sensors

    Collect data via LoRa private network

    Manage devices and network from a dedicated interface

    Leverage data and create new business applications

    Our IoT services as a bonus

    internet des objets connectes IOT synox

    A unique IoT management platform for devices and networks monitoring.

    Main features
    – Device provisioning on LoRa network
    – Gateway and network management
    – Asset management
    – Data routing services (push HTTP, MQTT…)

    internet des objets connectes IOT synox

    Data management platform.

    Main features
    – Analytics algorithm to give value to the data
    – Customized data management platform according to need
    – Support to analyse data

    An all-inclusive package starting at 980€ ex-Tax

    LoRa Starter Kit + SoM2M IoT Platform + SoM2M Data Management Platform + Support

    (Offer valid for 2 months *, then monthly subscription per gateway.)

    *from registration date on the platform

    For further information

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