Synox make your IoT project a reality.

We help you to build and deploy your connected object project in every step.

Get out of the technical complexity of an IoT project and concentrate on your business.

Get benefit from our IoT expertise to deploy your IoT project in a SIMPLE, FAST and SECURE way.

Get the most of IoT solution dedicated to your business

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IoT Platform to Manage Your Objects and Networks

In order to simplify the management of heterogeneous connected devices, Synox has developed SoM2M IoT. A unique interface allowing to integrate all your connected devices and networks (cellular / M2M, LPWA LoRa / Sigfox).

internet des objets connectes IOT synox

Secure device, network and data

Because data security and data privacy is a major issue, Synox has developed SoSECURE to bring an extra brick of security across the technological chain of your connected device project.

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internet des objets connectes IOT synox

Give intelligence to your data

Use the power of a data management platform to analyze and view all the data on smart dashboard your data in accordance to your business needs.

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