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We help you find the sensor that will allow proper data feedback.

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Partner of many manufacturers providing hardware for to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT) project, Synox supports you in choosing the right hardware and guarantees the logistics of your device from end to end.

Our dedicated hardware services

Deploy easily your routers and other sensors with our dedicated services.

Get a final product that meets all your application requirements.

With connectivity directly integrated into the product, the asset is functionnal and ready to be activated.



Hardware selection according to customer needs and usages



Hardware purchase and M2M Sim Card integration



Remote setting and back-up



Knowledge on more than 150 types of devices

Need to connect your device ?

Our selection

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Lora Multitech Conduit

With industrial features, it meets the requirements of the IoT market and can create your Lora networks in private or public mode.

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Kerlink Wirnet 868 MHZ

Terminal designed to meet M2M & IoT connectivity service providers that want to operate their network by themselves.

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Multitech RCELL 100 series MTR H6

One of the best ranges of M2M cellular routers available on the market.

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Senlab T IP68

Smart LoRaWan sensor that is well suited for continuous temperature monitoring in harsh environment.

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LoRa state report and output control sensor used in industrial process control, automation, power line defect detection, etc.

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Oceasoft Emerald

Temperature data logger for cold chain logistics monitoring.

For each product, its application.

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