Sensing Labs and Synox: a complementary partnership

Presentation of Sensing Labs

Sensing Labs, a startup created in 2014 and based in Montpellier, specializes in the design and marketing of very low power communicating sensors (15 to 20 years of battery life) using so-called LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) technologies. It addresses the B2B markets of smart building (energy efficiency) and smart metering (energy consumption billing) companies that wish to develop end-to-end business solutions based on IoT. His job is divided into two parts.

Energy efficiency

Sensing Labs designs sensors capable of collecting data in order to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings, whether they are commercial, industrial or residential. All sensors have a range of 15 km in the open field and a lifetime of up to 20 years, with a communication every 10 minutes including the last 24 acquired data.

“The fact that we can integrate these 24 data per communication is what we call data logging: it is very specific to Sensing Labs and does not exist among competitors”, says Ludovic CALLIER, Marketing Director of Sensing Labs.

Smart logistics

For the logistics sector, Sensing Labs uses a long-distance technology called Zeta, which can be implemented on any radio component available on the market. A real asset today, especially in a context of shortage of electronic components: Sensing Labs is able to call on all manufacturers. The number one advantage? The prices are very low, and allow to meet the financial expectations of the customers, while keeping optimal radio performances going beyond 15 km of range.

Presentation of the partnership

Synox Hugo Lemoine

The partnership with SENSING LABS allows us to work with a local player to address energy efficiency issues in commercial and industrial buildings.”

Hugo LEMOINE, Partner Manager at Synox

This partnership is based on the complementarity of the proposed offer. Sensing Labs specializes in the design and marketing of sensors and Synox provides its expertise in software and IoT platforms, allowing the management of all the hardware, data collection and visualization on dashboards.

Ludovic Callier confirms the importance of this partnership for Sensing Labs: “For us, the partnership with Synox is very important. Sensing Labs is bringing in all the hardware and products so that a company like Synox can develop all the tools that will allow us to better manage the hardware and to better transmit the data to our customers.

“Synox for us is the missing link to the end customer. Without Synox, we do not exist.”

Ludovic CALLIER, Marketing Director at Sensing Labs

A partnership with many advantages

The first beneficiaries of this partnership are the clients, who benefit from a double expertise in their field. On the one hand, Sensing Labs is an expert in sensor design and is concerned with offering the best product at the best price. On the other hand, Synox puts all its resources into the development of its business application.

“The client has two experts in the field who know how to communicate with each other very well, especially through technology. This can only be an advantage for the end customer,” adds Ludovic Callier.

The partnership between two players who are specialists in their field allows the customer to have a single contact throughout the deployment of his project, while benefiting from technical support on all the business bricks. One of the most important elements of this alliance is to be able to speak with one voice to the end customer, thanks to perfectly interoperable systems.

Sensing Labs Ludovic Callier

“With Synox and Sensing Labs’ response, an end customer who would like to develop a solution in energy efficiency has a completely tailored, cost effective and totally reliable answer.”

Ludovic CALLIER, Marketing Director at Sensing Labs

Great prospects for the future

What do Sensing Labs and Synox have in common? Their international ambitions.

“I learned that a Synox subsidiary is currently developing in Spain. The market there is interesting. The energy efficiency market is not a priority, but cold management is an interesting use case,” says Ludovic Callier.

This partnership also covers a wide range of sectors, such as construction, industry, agriculture and energy. Both partners will be able to adapt their discourse as well as their offers, to potentially respond to use cases more adapted to the needs of Spain such as :

    • water management,
    • leak detection,
    • optimization of the light,
    • air conditioning management,
    • etc.

Ludovic Callier adds: “Agriculture has an important place in Spain. We now have a distributor located there and present in these markets. It will be important for him to be familiar with the Synox solution, because this is also an advantage for him. If it is an advantage for Sensing Labs to have a complete offer, it is also an advantage for our distributors to have a complete Synox-type offer. “

A partnership based on good exchanges

We asked Ludovic Callier what he finds positive about Synox. To this question, he answered:

“You know your market and your customers’ expectations very well. We feel that there is mastery and competence. So, I retain the expertise of Synox. Then, you have a certain ability to adapt to different situations, so I would mention agility. And finally, I would like to emphasize that everything happens in a good mood. It is impossible to get angry with Synox. Finally, your values are very much in evidence”.

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