The 5 best software for fleet management (plus one)

Forget about Excel files in favor of a fleet managementsolution adapted to the size of your fleet. From cost management to maintenance and optimal centralization of information, the right fleet management software will save you time and money on behalf of your company.

What are your fleet management needs?

Fleet management is a delicate task due to the multiplicity of information to be integrated. It is therefore essential to have a management solution that is up to the task. The car fleet management market today offers a wide range of services to help you manage your fleet of trucks or cars, optimize its performance and ensure its maintenance thanks to specific software. manage a fleet of trucks or cars, to optimize its performance and to ensure its maintenance thanks to specific software. A GPS fleet management system helps increase your company’s productivity by

  • effective steering ;
  • a centralization of information;
  • elimination of repetitive tasks;
  • monitoring of dashboards, indicators ;
  • follow-up of the maintenance of the vehicles.

Various service providers will give you advice on how to optimize the management of your fleet through the choice of the most suitable management software.

The 5 most popular fleet management software on the market


GAC TECHNOLOGIE is the leader in fleet management software in France with 200,000 vehicles managed. It is aimed at fleets with at least 30 vehicles. This fleet management solution is intuitive. It adapts to all types of companies, as well as to rental companies, by avoiding tedious tasks for the manager.


With its simple functionalities, this fleet management software allows you to have a clear view and to manage with precision the costs of a fleet, the HR theme, etc. It facilitates the operational management of a fleet by controlling its impacts and costs.


This software is distinguished by its dual interface, one for the company with a dashboard and the other for the drivers, which can be controlled from a mobile application available from a smartphone. Each party can exchange information and receive alerts. FLEET NOTE adapts to any evolution with the aim of always reducing expenses and improving the organization.


This fleet management software is suitable for all fleet sizes regardless of mileage. It can be customized according to the needs of each company. Its dashboards and reports are valuable decision-making tools for fleet managers in terms of operating processes and cost control.


This easy-to-use tool provides a complete view of the park. In particular, it allows you to attach the information concerning each vehicle to it. A customizable dashboard and an interface associated with ANTAI (Agence nationale de traitement automatisé des infractions) simplifies the management of fines.

advice to optimize fleet management

Discover SoFLEET, the turnkey solution that facilitates intelligent fleet management of thermal and electric vehicles!

Do you want to know everything about fleet management? Synox, a leading provider of fleet management solutions, offers complete turnkey systems with SoFLEET software, which provides services tailored to your business. SoFLEET helps you to better distribute and improve your fleet tracking and field staff mobility by taking advantage of the latest innovations intask automation dedicated to a wide range of fleet-based industries.

Synox offers you a complete turnkey fleet management platform, adapted to all types of vehicles.

It has many key assets:

  • Available in 6 languages: French, Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch
  • Turnkey tool to optimize your fleet management in complete autonomy
  • Real-time data visualization
  • Access to a plurality of data for drivers and managers
  • Infinitely customizable dashboards
  • Solution adapted to car-sharing services
  • Mobile application to accompany drivers


An “all inclusive” and personalized offer


Private APN secures connections


Feedback and aggregation with third party data


Retrieval of all types of data

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