Fleet management :

4 pillars for a connected, efficient and simplified fleet management


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Expert advices

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#1 Fleet management
Optimize and make your fleet management more profitable

#2 Fleet management
Telematics: objectives and challenges of an essential skill for transport


Step 1 – Ask yourself the right questions

Step 2 – Think of organization from the beginning of the project

Step 3 – Data Capture

Step 4 – Connectivity

Step 5 – Hosting and data storage

Step 6 – Data redirection

Step 7 – Data processing and valorisation

Step 8 – Data reporting

Step 9 – Put safety at the heart of every step

Fleet management is the process of managing a fleet of vehicles. This type of management includes vehicle tracking, diagnostics, fuel consumption monitoring and compliance procedures.

The benefits of fleet management are numerous, allowing better use of resources and more efficient travel planning. Fleet management is an important part of the management of a company, it is essential for transport companies

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