Fleet management

Fleet management

use cases in connected vehicle fleet management

What is connected fleet management?

Connected fleet management involves real-time monitoring and optimization of vehicles via telematics, improving efficiency, safety and vehicle maintenance.

manage vehicle assignment

Manage vehicle allocation

  • Vehicle geolocation
  • Track data remotely and identify the driver
  • Managing maintenance and claims

Optimize your fleet

  • Customize alerts
  • Interconnecting data
  • Generate reports

Make your fleet more profitable

  • Set up driver identification
  • Managing rental contracts
  • Car-sharing

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communities supported

deployed devices

different models of sensors managed

3 examples of use cases


Manage all types of vehicles

Remote vehicle geolocation, data logging and fleet optimization


Implementing eco-driving

Calculate your environmental footprint while raising driver awareness

manage vehicle assignment


Monetize your fleet with telematics and geofencing for remote car-sharing management

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