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How it works

From a technical point of view, the intelligent parking solution is based on the deployment of sensors

capable of detecting the presence of a vehicle. Connected to the On Dijon command post, they monitor parking times to ensure better flow rotation.

As the data sent back by the sensors is raw, it is analyzed via SoM2M#IoT, an intuitive platform allowing centralized management of equipment and connectivity.

Open and interoperable, it allows the aggregation of data from the sensors, as well as the provisioning and routing of data to the data management application chosen by the City of Dijon.

The advantages of the solution

  • Management of multi-connected networks in real time
  • Integration of sensors via a centralized interface
  • Control of the state of the park and supervision of the transmissions
  • Management of alerts in case of non-communication or
    network signal degradation

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Dijon is one of the 13 regional capitals of France and the head of the new region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Dijon is a city whose inhabitants enjoy a high quality of life.

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