Connected lifts

SoM2M is the connectivity solution that opens up new prospects for lift engineers

M2M SIM cards to connect your lifts while controlling your costs

The PSTN to which most lifts are connected today will gradually disappear. Anticipate now by connecting your lifts through the M2M SIM card for your cyclic tests and emergency calls. Make your lifts smart and offer new services to your users.

synox IoT connected lift

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The solution for your connected lifts

With SoM2M#IoT, automate the management of your lifts while reducing their maintenance costs:

  • Multi-operator SIM cards for high service continuity and network availability
  • Private APN solution to ensure end-to-end security of all your data
  • Management interface for your connected equipment and associated connectivity
  • Visibility of your SIM cards, consumtpion management and alerts in case of overrun
  • Support service to support you throughout the deployment
Leverage your IoT data

Management platform

Management of lift park from a single interface.

Connect your IoT devices

Service continuity

Multi-operator SIMs provide connection to different 2G/3G/4G networks.

IoT expert

Service support

Support for deployment and daily use.

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