M2M SIM for Elevators

M2M SIM card for elevators

The best solution for elevator operators

Optimize the M2M connectivity of your elevators with our secure SIM cards at the best price:

  • Flexible, scalable offering
  • Free quote in just 24 hours
  • Zero overconsumption, thanks to alerts
  • Optional private APN

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M2M solution for elevators

Anticipate PSTN obsolescence by integrating our M2M SIMs. Improve responsiveness and remote management of your elevators for better management of maintenance and intervention situations, with telecom SIM card technology for connected, intelligent elevators.

Single or multi-operator SIM packages

Ensure reliable connection and remote elevator management with our multi-operator SIMs covering 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Operated on Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free networks.

sim elevator
sim elevator

Single or multi-operator SIM packages

Ensure reliable connection and remote elevator management with our multi-operator SIMs covering 2G, 3G and 4G networks. Operated on Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free networks.

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Service tailored to your needs

  • Continuity of service.
  • High network availability.
  • Platform for managing your SIM fleet and consumption.
  • Alerts when consumption thresholds are exceeded.
  • Private APN network to guarantee security and prevent SIM card theft.

With SoM2M#IoT, an intuitive, secure platform, you can automate the management of your elevators while reducing maintenance costs.


Choose simplicity and safety

With a fleet of M2M SIMs to connect your elevators, you’re investing in the future of your installations for a smarter environment and more optimal service, while saving money.

Modernity does not come without security, not least because risk is becoming ever greater. SIM card theft is widespread, but not inevitable.

At Synox, we set up a network of private APNs with operators. This provides a secure connection to the servers, simulating a local presence.

Installing a Private APN helps to reduce the risk of object piracy, the resulting overconsumption, and equipment availability problems.

Leverage your IoT data

Vehicle fleet

Management of lift park from a single interface.

Connect your IoT devices

Service continuity

Multi-operator SIMs provide connection to different 2G/3G/4G networks.

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Service support

Support for deployment and daily use.

Your questions

What are the advantages of Synox M2M SIM cards for elevators?

Synox M2M SIMs are ideal for connecting elevators because they offer reliable, continuous connectivity. Cellular connectivity enables remote monitoring of usage and maintenance data. The SIM ensures consistent performance and easy management, all at a competitive price.

This M2M solution is perfect for ensuring efficient, cost-effective elevator management.

Is the Synox SIM card compatible with all types of elevator?

Yes, our SIMs are designed to be compatible with a wide range of elevator systems.

As a specialist in M2M solutions for over 15 years, we ensure that connectivity adapts perfectly to various configurations, using the cellular network to guarantee smooth, reliable communication. This rigor makes our SIMs an informed choice for intelligent elevators.

What is the network coverage of Synox SIM cards?

Our multi-operator SIMs guarantee excellent coverage on 2G, 3G, 4G and even 5G networks. They are compatible with your environment and, above all, with numerous network operators such as Orange, Bouygues, SFR, but also ESEYE, Sierra Wireless and Deutsche Telecom.

Ensuring continuous remote monitoring and constant performance for your elevator management.

Connected elevators: how to manage the end of PSTN and the end of 2G/3G?

As with all M2M connectivity equipment, elevators can be affected by the shutdown of PSTN and GSM Data. Wireline, the Switched Telephone Network no longer exists, and telephony is now carried out via the Internet.

2G and 3G are gradually being replaced by 4G and 5G (by 2025 and 2028). So think ahead now and connect your elevators with an M2M SIM for cyclical tests and emergency calls. Make your lifts smart and offer new services to your users.

Find out everything you need to know about the end of 2G and 3G in this 3-minute video!

How does M2M connectivity improve elevator safety?

The elevator SIM enables real-time monitoring and rapid response in the event of a problem, ensuring greater vigilance and safety.

M2M connectivity plays an important role in improving building safety and performance. If an elevator SIM card is stolen, for example, built-in security measures are activated to prevent unauthorized use.

With Synox, you’re protected against the risks of SIM card theft and misappropriation. For added security, we use and design private communication tunnels, also known as private APNs. They play an essential role in reducing the risk of connected objects being hacked. They also help reduce the risk of over-consumption and network availability problems for equipment, ensuring greater safety and operational efficiency.

How can you avoid data overuse, fraud and SIM card theft?

When we talk about M2M, we often think about the risk of overconsumption – and rightly so! This is an important factor to take into account when choosing your M2M offer: a non-negligible economic aspect.

To meet our customers’ expectations as effectively as possible, Synox offers packages that adapt to different needs, to keep peak consumption to a minimum.

We offer two types of package: tiered or shared.

The M2M “tier” offer consists in adapting your package to what you consume. Of course, this is an offer that evolves automatically, with pre-defined packages.

It’s for you if your consumption fluctuates significantly from month to month, or if you haven’t yet mastered the level of consumption linked to your use case. With this offer, you’re protected against package overruns billed at higher prices. So you’re in control of your budget.

With a shared offer, you have the advantage of defining a global consumption volume for your M2M SIM card fleet.

The advantage? If you occasionally have cards that consume less and others that consume more, this won’t impact your budget as long as the data pool isn’t exceeded. So you optimize your budget.

It’s especially suitable if you have equipment that consumes a stable amount each month, as it will enable you to avoid being billed for overconsumption in the event of occasional upward fluctuations.

✉️ We’re here to help you find the best solution for your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quotation, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to work out the offer that best suits your needs.

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