IoT data security: technologies and information systems of connected devices

We secure the data flow of your devices by setting up a private architecture with VPN tunnel.

Security of connected devices

According to Gartner, there will be 25 billion connected devices in use by 2024. In a hyperconnected world, the risks of cyberattacks are increasing and the Internet of Things is not an exception to the rule.

Depending on the use case, the level of security can vary and can therefore be adapted according to the risks involved. In the case of simple temperature or humidity data feedback, the risk is considered low. On the other hand, when it is a question of a remote control on an equipment for example, the risk is not the same with consequences which can be very harmful.

It is important to consider the entire IoT project when talking about security. From the sensors to the restitution interfaces and the communication networks of the telecom operators.

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securiser iot
securiser iot

The IoT is a vast network of connected systems, which automatically collects and exchanges large volumes of data and has become part of our daily lives.



In the private sphere, we speak in particular of “smart home”, “smart watch” but also in the various places of consumption (gym, cinema, museums…).

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With the implementation of devices to control the traffuc flow or the level of water, but also in the development of Smart City projects.



In the expansion of new connected services in their value propositions such as remote surveillance cameras, tracking of goods or vehicles.

What is a Private APN?

The Private APN, acronym of Access Point Name, is a solution allowing to ensure a safe communication between the information system of a company or a community and remote terminals (PC, business equipment, sensors…). The data no longer pass through the Internet but is routed via a secure “tunnel”. Thanks to this tunnel, the equipment can connect and communicate safely with the company’s servers, as if they were physically located on the local network.

What are the advantages of a Private APN?

The implementation of a Private APN reduces the risks of object piracy, over-consumption and lack of equipment availability.

Synox has set up private Access Point Names (APNs) with all its operator and multi-operator suppliers: Orange, Bouygues, SFR, Sierra Wireless and Eseye.

Each modem is set up with this Private APN and a login/password is required to access the telecom operator’s core network. The encrypted data is then only routed between the operator’s core network and the Synox platforms, without passing through the Internet.

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Put security at the heart of your IoT projects

An IoT platform must guarantee the data security and confidentiality from end to end, at every stage of the project, from the hardware layer to the software layer, and therefore from the capture of data to its return to users. It is thus necessary to choose an IoT infrastructure and platform that will guarantee a high level of security and allow to mitigate and face the various risks.

Indeed, the IoT is a field that is under constant pressure and for which the protection of sensitive data is a permanent challenge, especially to ward off possible malicious attacks.

Regarding data infrastructure and security, there are different ways to ensure its security among which we find our SoSECURE#IoT solution.

Sécurisez vos données avec SoSECURE#IoT
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