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Collecting and processing raw data is a major challenge in an IoT project. But this is only the beginning of the process before the raw data is turned into “information” that you can understand and use. This data will have to be processed on and then enriched and valued in order to bring a real added value to your organization.

This is what we offer with the SoDATA#Viz data management platform, which allows you to create your own dashboards in a fluid and intuitive way.

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Raw data collection and processing: a major challenge for an IoT project

“Raw” data must undergo a major transformation process to become “information” that can be understable and used by “business” profiles.

The whole point of an IoT platform is that it must adapt to its users by providing a personalized and optimized experience, not the other way around. The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) must therefore be at the heart of the platform’s design.

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A platform adapted to business profiles

To allow a use that meets the expectations of a user who does not have an “expert” or “technical” profile but rather a “business” profile. The main expectation of this type of user is to access clear information in an intuitive and easily understandable way.

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Customizable dashboards

The data visualization solution chosen for an IoT project must facilitate the analysis work of the users, thanks to easy-to-use functionalities, ready-to-use dashboards and customizable at will.

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Clear and structured data

Business profiles expect the solution to present data in a structured and clear way so that they do not have to waste time understanding graphs and indicators.

Exploiting data to give it value

The art of structuring databases

In the development of IoT projects, data is “black gold”, provided that it can be easily and confidently exploited and analyzed.

Indeed, the data extracted from sensors are transmitted by communication systems towards the device and connectivity management platform. It is therefore raw data that must be analyzed and processed to make it usable.

To create value for users, data is stored, archived and backed up in structured databases. A properly structured database will improve the performance of IoT operations services.


Know-how in flow analysis

Exploiting data also means sorting through a very large volume of raw data.

Depending on their settings and frequency of feedback, connected devices generate significant volumes of data.

The operational challenge then lies in how to filter useful information to meet customer needs, while limiting unwanted information.

This is where “data flow analysis” comes into its own, as it provides real-time information.

Enhancing and enriching data flows

Giving value to data is also about enriching it. What do we mean by this? To make the data smart, it must be manipulated: apply operations, choose the sampling period, be able to cross-reference it with other data from third-party flows, etc. For example, “I want to collect data from my soil moisture sensor and cross-reference it with weather data, which will allow me to anticipate the watering of my plots”.

Valuing data means developing models that will allow the data collected to be interpreted at a later date.

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The case of preventive maintenance

Let’s take the example of preventive (or even predictive) maintenance. In the industrial sector, it will be a matter of correlating the operation of a machine (vibration, running time, etc.) with breakdowns, integrating machine learning algorithms, over a sufficient period to determine a reliable model. By following the various indicators defined, this model will allow toanticipate the dysfunctions and to intervene before the total stop of the machine because of breakdown.

The ultimate goal of data exploitation and valorisation is to maximise each return on investment. Let’s take the same example: the data has made it possible to anticipate breakdowns, but also to regulate interventions thanks to the implementation of customizable alert thresholds.

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Interfaces to visualize the reported data

Once processed, analysed and exploited, the data collected becomes even more valuable when it can be viewed on interfaces that can be upgraded according to needs and uses.

Thanks to customizable dashboards, data visualization allows to represent data in a clear and precise way. Based on graphs, tables, gauges or indicators adapted to the needs, the analysis of the data is thus facilitated.

Each dashboard is made up of widgets referring to the data of a specific sensor and can be customized according to the sector of activity (industry, automotive, agriculture, logistics, etc.), with access rights that can be configured according to user profiles.


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Scalable business platforms

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Synox opens up the flows between your devices, whatever they may be, and your business in order to simplify your decision-making.

The dynamic dashboards of our SODATA#Viz solution allow you to understand the activity of your connected devices and to visualize the returned data in a blink of an eye, thus accelerating the analysis of your data.

Whatever your sector, we have the turnkey business application that suits you: an interface that can be customized at will and available in white label to be adjusted to your colors and your brand image.

SoM2M#IoT and SoDATA#Viz platforms allow you to manage your device park, your communication networks and to share your dashboards in complete autonomy and security.

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