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Hosting and storage of the reported data

When you talk about data, you talk about storage and hosting. When you ask yourself where your data is going to be stored, you will be faced with these questions: SaaS or On-premise? What are the differences between these two architectures?

At Synox, we master all the services that make up the value chain of a connected device project. We offer both on-premise hosting and private or public cloud hosting.

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host iot
host iot

SaaS or On Premise? What are the differences between these two architectures? Should one be preferred?

IoT Saas platform access
Saas solutions: payment of a subscription

The SaaS architecture allows a software solution to be used online, anywhere and anytime, from a browser.

How does it work?

The software is outsourced and accessible by network, for a subscription with the editor/host, on any browser.


  • Fully digitalized solution
  • Maintenance and updates provided by the service provider
  • Data access: Cloud computing
  • Turnkey solution
  • Data protection depends on the provider
  • Offshore data
On premise IoT platform access
On-premise solutions: purchase of a license

On-premise solutions are software whose architecture is physically present within a company.

How does it work?

The software is settled on the company’s servers which must first purchase a license from the publisher in order to use the software.


  • Remote access possible
  • Maintenance and updates depend on the internal IT department
  • Data access: even without internet
  • In-house data security
  • Data hosted on site

Cloud computing and access to your data

Connected devices collect data locally thanks to their sensors. The collected data is sent to an instance usually connected to the cloud for storage. In order to be able to exploit this data and transform it into understandable and relevant information for the user, the data is directed towards an IoT platform whose structure is based either on Cloud technologies in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) or on an On Premise instance.

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The central role of the IoT platform

Hosting your IoT data


Securing your IoT data


Leverage your IoT data


About the data you host at Synox

At Synox, as defined in our Data Protection Policy, stored data remains the property of the customer.

Uptime Institute has defined the concept of “Tier” for data centers which is now widely adopted around the world. The classification includes Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV levels. A data center must be certified by this institute to claim a Tier level.

The DataCenter that hosts Synox’s internal infrastructure and the servers used for the services delivered by Synox is of TIER IV type (the highest level of availability and security). The datacenter of this hosting company is spread over two separate sites interconnected with each other.

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