How to manage a fleet of trucks? Software and advice

Managing a fleet of trucks involves mastering the many aspects inherent in road freight transport. It is a question here of the management of the material, but also of the human. The costs of mechanical maintenance and those of drivers and their schedules will lead you to look for ways to save money. The challenge is to maintain your competitiveness and performance. In this respect, the implementation of fleet management will offer you optimized management solutions to perpetuate your vehicle fleet. Here are some inspiring tips to help you choose the right tools for your needs.

Truck fleet management: what are the specifics?

If you use more than 5 trucks for your professional activity, the management of your fleet of vehicles requires, among other things, to control the operating costs.

With the right fleet management systems, you will be able to anticipate the replacement of mechanical parts and wear items, such as tires. Equipment manufacturers, as well as your suppliers, are able to offer you connected tools in conjunction with your own operating software.

The connectivity developed by these systems will give you total control of fuel consumption, but also of geolocation, operating status, route optimization, vehicle availability, etc. Don’t hesitate to invest in the best fleet management software to improve your productivity while controlling your costs.

Equip yourself with software to manage your truck fleet

Fleet management software not only allows you to deal with material constraints, but also to optimize delivery rounds and pick-ups. The impact on your costs will be such that the savings generated will make youmore productive.

For example, how about responding right away to a customer who asks you to come load pallets immediately? This is possible if you know you have a vehicle nearby with enough payload space and your driver has time to load the goods and return to the depot. This is what fleet management software allows, among other things: immediate responsiveness that will set you apart from your competitors!

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You will be able to:

  • plan maintenance interventions without disrupting your rounds,
  • monitor the evolution of fuel consumption,
  • manage accidents,
  • optimize the routes and develop the performance of your rolling stock.

By adopting GPS-based fleet management systems, you will take your operation to the next level of competitiveness.

Our advice for an optimal management of your truck fleet

If you are looking to calculate and optimize your fleet’s TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), a fleet management software will help you to :

  • interact with your own TMS (Transport Management System);
  • optimize routes;
  • reduce mileage;
  • control fuel consumption ;
  • schedule maintenance;
  • manage driver schedules;
  • geolocate your vehicles in real time;
  • intervene quickly in case of breakdown;
  • respond quickly to all customer requests.

Truck fleet management software can be adapted to all fields of activity and to all actors involved in a fleet of vehicles.

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