The fleet management market: what you need to know

The market for fleet management or fleet management in English, is exponential in Europe. In addition to being a fast-growing business sector, fleet management is easily adaptable to the new uses of drivers. Moreover, with the development of electric vehicles, many opportunities exist, both for the actors of this activity and for the users.

Key trends in the fleet management market

Technology is a natural fit in the field of fleet management. As a result, fleet management companies are required to offer software that allows customers to increase their efficiency and productivity. Data mining, analysis of driver behavioral trends or the evolution of a fleet towards green energies are the main trends of the current market.

In this sense, a fleet entirely composed of electric vehicles seems possible. The acquisition of this type of vehicle is constantly increasing. It’s also about offering best fleet management software to leverage more data. The management software must help reduce costs, improve safety, optimize vehicle use, etc.


Who are the different players in the car fleet management market in France?

On the French market, there are three players in the field of fleet management:

  • structures backed by banking institutions that offer vehicle financing to professionals, such as long-term car leasing;
  • companies dependent on car manufacturers that offer several services. As vehicle rental and supply companies, these companies offer a package of services to customers including vehicle maintenance and a guarantee of intervention
  • startups specialized in fleet management that offer innovative management software and mobility services such as car sharing, car pooling, etc.

Towards a more sustainable corporate mobility

The fact of all about fleet management allows companies to better meet the requirements of environmental laws and to choose the most appropriate fleet management tool for their needs.

Moreover, some market indicators show that many companies are moving towards a solution telematics to reduce costs, optimize the volume of vehicles, reduce their CO2 emissions, etc.

Some executives involved in the use of green energy have also started to switch the types of vehicles in their fleet. They have also integrated mobility services by using a service provider to optimize the utilization rate. Similarly, the evolution of technology has, in a way, encouraged companies to make sense of the way they manage their fleets.

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