Everything you need to know about fleet management and the mistakes you should not make

For a company, it is essential to set up a rigorous management of its car fleet. The management of a fleet of vehicles, more commonly known as fleet management, consists of optimizing costs in order to achieve savings.

What is a fleet of vehicles?

All the means of transport available to a company are its fleet of vehicles. These are vehicles:

  • of function,
  • of service,
  • utilities,
  • professional vehicles (trucks, vans, buses, etc.).

In some areas of activity, the fleet may consist of bicycles, scooters and two-wheelers used for employee or user journeys. It is also essential that the manager centralizes various data concerning the vehicles in his fleet.

This can be done by automating fleet management, selecting the best fleet management software or tracking the mileage of its vehicles.

What are the issues and objectives of fleet management?

In a company, the objective of fleet management is to optimize transportation costs. It must allow the development of the activity, the productivity and the safety of the drivers.

It is therefore important to know the TCO, the total cost of owning a vehicle (direct and indirect costs), in order to make decisions to implement actions to reduce expenses.

Managing a fleet of vehicles also involves ensuring the safety of drivers in order to prevent the risk of accidents (checks, maintenance, training, vehicle upkeep, etc.).

Finally, enforcing compliance with emission regulations through the acquisition of vehicles with minimized CO2 emissions is essential.


The keys to good fleet management and mistakes to avoid

The fleet management market is doing well as two thirds of new vehicles are destined for corporate fleets. For a good management of company fleets, it is preferable to recruit an internal person with the logistics of the business. She will be responsible for the purchase, maintenance and monitoring of the evolution of the laws.

For a small fleet, using a shared mobility solution is a good solution. On the other hand, it is imperative not to entrust the management to a neophyte.

Finally, it is a mistake not to have the purchasing, financial and human resources departments work together.

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